Things I Love To Share

Quantum Physics

Hi My name is Mags Sorrell and

for the past 10 years I have been running a holistic retreat in Norfolk called Breathing Space.


Norfolk is a diverse and wonderful place and I love its natural beauty. With the sea, beaches and beautiful countryside all around, it is a special and healing place. Since living here I’ve had a truly exciting journey of learning and discovery, and I would love to share some of my favourite things with you.

"The happiest people don’t always have the best of everything..
They just make the best of everything"

This Months Book Pick

I Love this book, it is easy to pick up and read a few pages and be inspired. It teaches you to have a more loving and compassionate outlook on the most simple and natural things. Reminding us what a gift nature is. 

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"The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen.
Perhaps the most important thing we ever give to each other is our attention."

Rachel Naomi Remen


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